Emma and Matthew’s wedding at Ashton Manor 16th May 2009

Hi Mark,

Just wanted to say thank you for such a wonderful night.
Everything was perfect. The music was brilliant and had everyone dancing.
It had the party atmosphere we wanted.
Everyone has been talking about it and said that it was the best wedding
they have been to. So thank you so much.

– Emma and Matthew

Jay & Trish Harlem’s wedding at Chateau Wyuana 14th Feb 2009

When my wife and I chose Mark G Media to use for our special day, we knew we were making a smart choice.
I can’t help feel that we underestimated just how well he would deliver his very professional service.
Leading up to our big day, we found so many things that needed to be arranged and sorted out.
We had been preparing for this day for a year and still at the last minute we were bombarded with random
situations that we thought we had covered, they had to be dealt with then and there. The funny thing was,
Mark was not one of these scenarios that arose. He had everything under control and handled,
there was nothing left to do for all of our music and entertainment needs.
We met with Mark a few times well before the arranged date to be wed, well in advanced to get all
the arrangements sorted. Having never been married before I was baffled by everything he had in front of us.
We had visions of all the music we wanted, not even thinking of the fact that in order for the night
to be a fantastic, fun filled evening, everyone had to like the music and the flow with which it was played.
He had all these ways of doing things, fantastic advice that you simply just do not think of and not to
mention a massive array of hits that everyone has to love. I distinctly remember having times of panic on
the day where we wanted everything to be perfect. We wanted this day to be perfect, without a hitch,
just me and my wife saying “I Do”. Been the typical Aussie Bloke that I am I wanted to be cool, calm and
collected Groom waiting for his Bride, No!!! I was nervous, nervous and forgetful.
He remembered things about the DJ and MC stuff that I had totally forgotten.
There he was, doing his thing, all set up, possibly the calmest person in the place.
The night was a hit, Grandparents were dancing, aunts, uncles, kids, our friends were dancing but should
have been arrested for doing so, even my Brother was dancing, I can honestly say I have never seen
that before. Looking back, I cant remember not seeing one of the 160 guests up on the dance floor all
at one stage or another. These are the memories I wanted to have forever. The night was just fun and easy.
What we wanted to have for the rest of our life is the memory that our wedding was the most perfect.
This is what we wanted to look back on forever and relive it every time happily.
I am sure even Mark underestimates how much he has contributed to this, every time I think back,
his contributions to our wedding day and night are among the fondest memories of our lives.
Mark, we can’t thank you enough but we can wish you only the best future and a whole lot of love.

Jay & Trish Harlem